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Well, it's interesting what one can find in a box of old slides or photographs ... sometimes history, sometimes regret, sometimes a rekindling of a great memory ... and sometimes the discovery of an old friend's photograph prompts a reconnection that is simply wonderful. If you have a box or two of old slides or photographs, get started ... get in touch with us & arrange a small test of our capabilities at no charge. If you want, you can arrange to ship your whole collection to us & let us do the sorting for you. What could be easier.


This slide was taken in 1964, looking out over the Bay of Trafalgar in Southern Spain. The young people here were on holiday from the military, far away from home and just at the beginning of long and interesting lives. Still, connections were lost over time; friendships, stretched by responsibility and circumstance, slipped away, and names were nearly forgotten.

Suddenly, this slide was discovered and the process began to reverse; Google began to assist, connections were reestablished, and email began drawing this group back together again.

Sometimes the quality of the image isn't as important as the process of reconnection to the people in it ... and at other times, the quality of the image may be crucial. In either case, the boxes have to be opened and the process begun ... and we can help.

To begin, just give us a call and we'll discuss your project and arrange a test run on some of your materials. Simple as that.

Ask for Jon at 1.541.604.6233