Whippet Field, a division of IMS Oregon, Terms & Conditions of Use

Users of Whippet Field internet services agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:

1. Whippet Field services may only be used for lawful purposes.  Whippet Field expressly forbids the transmission of any material the transmission of which would violate any US or state regulations.  Such transmissions include but are not limited to: material protected by trade secret, material judged to be threatening in nature and copyrighted material.  You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Whippet Field from any responsibilities for the accuracy or quality of information obtained through its services. Whippet Field reserves the right to deny access or reduce to limited access, and will bring to the attention of the authorities for further action, users of the service whom they determine to be acting irresponsibly or illegally.

2. No warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied, exist for any service provided by Whippet Field  Whippet Field also disclaims any warranty or merchantibility or fitness for a particular purpose.  Whippet Field will not be responsible for any damages you suffer.  This includes loss of data resulting from delays, nondeliveries, misdeliveries, or service interruptions caused by its own negligence or your errors or omissions.  Use of any information obtained via any Whippet Field service is at your own risk.  Whippet Field specifically denies any responsibility for the accuracy, quality or suitability of information obtained through its services.  There shall be no refunds for subscriptions for service purchased from Whippet Field, whether a user is denied access, reduced to limited access, or for any reason whatsoever.  On termination of service, security deposits will be returned in full, plus or minus outstanding charges or credits for services as appropriate.

3. Notwithstanding Part 2 above, you agree that should we be found liable in a court of law for any reason relating to your use of Whippet Field services, our liability is limited to the unused portion of your subscription fee.

4. While Whippet Field does not control the general content of messages, photographs, videos, programs, or other material delivered by or operating across services provided by Whippet Field, it does scan all incoming mail for viruses, and discards any and all infected material discovered through this evaluation. We also score all incoming email on a standard rubric, and discard any and all messages that score over a preset threshold. The spam filtering service is now a standard offering from Whippet Field, but this service may be terminated on individual accounts by written request.

5. This internet, through the services provided by Whippet Field, contains or provides access to an unabridged copy of the information known as "Usenet", and that portions of the system may contain messages which you may find offensive. Whippet Field does not censor or in any other way control the contents of this or any other on-line information (other than as noted in Part 4 above). Nearly all of the information found while using Whippet Field services originates on systems other than those under direct Whippet Field control.  You are further aware that Whippet Field cannot confirm the proper classification of information presented in any area of the system.  By giving the command(s) to view or transfer any information or file on any Whippet Field system, or any system reached through a Whippet Field system, you are consenting to the display or transfer of the information presented and waive all rights and claims toward Whippet Field and its owners.

6. Parents or gardians of minor children incur and accept full responsibility for all actions of their minor children while these minor children are using Whippet Field services.

7. Whippet Field prohibits any attempts to send or receive significantly large amounts of news and/or mail from its network outside of methods specifically endorsed by Whippet Field

8. Whippet Field prohibits any attempts to bypass its pricing structure by any means without the prior written consent of Whippet Field

9. Whippet Field reserves the right to change the rates and otherwise modify any of these Terms and Conditions by notifying you 30 days in advance of the effective date of the change.

10. Excessive use of time on our dial-up phone lines is prohibited.  Excessive is here defined to include but not limited to connections that stay running more than 3 hours per session, or a total of 5 hours per day (except where otherwise allowed), or where the Usage Ratio falls below zero (0).  (Usage Ratio=(Data Upload +Data Download)/Time Online) - (Time Online - Daily Max*Days) * .01)

11. Whippet Field may discontinue any or all levels of service at its discretion.  Should this occur, accounts will be refunded on a pro-rated basis.

12. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Whippet Field and its owners from all claims which are a result of your usage, without limitation.

13. You agree that the security of your account, including password, is your responsibility and that all use which emanates from your account will be considered to be undertaken by you unless it can be shown to have been an unauthorized intrusion.  You agree to notify Whippet Field immediately if you believe that your account has or is being compromised.

14. You agree to keep Whippet Field informed of your current legal mailing address. Whippet Field will not disclose this information to any third party except upon the presentation of a valid warrant or court order.

15. Any or All of these Terms may be altered or superseded through the use of a written agreement stating such between you and Whippet Field.

16. These Terms and Conditions supersede all previous representations, understandings or agreements and shall prevail notwithstanding any variance with terms and conditions of any order submitted.  Payment of subscription monies and/or use of any Whippet Field service constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.