Prices: This is where it gets tricky.

Slides can be scanned fairly quickly, and several firms use foreign contractors to perform this task ... bringing the per-slide cost down to as little as $.16. We can't match this price for several reasons, but the primary reason is that it takes about three minutes to scan each slide at 7200dpi ... so in an hour, we could only scan about 20 slides. Automatic, high speed scanners can do as many as 1200 slides in an hour ... albeit at a lower resolution. If that's what you are after, look elsewhere.

As a general rule, scanning a box of 24 slides will cost you about $15.00. This amount will vary with the condition of the slides, both in terms of cleanliness and quality ... and the number of "falls" from the box (those that are not suitable for processing). If you have a special set of slides ... a set where you want every possible trick and technique used to make the best image possible, a final scan and processing of a single slide might take an hour or more ... and that would cost quite a bit more than the general rule would suggest.

The same is true of the other media we process or projects we undertake: One photograph, for example, might take two or three minutes to process, and another might take an hour ... or a single memorial presentation might take 40 hours to complete. Because of this wide variability, we would like to see what you want to process before we discuss the cost of your project. We will do a bit of work for you for free, and let you evaluate our speed and skills with the real materials involved in the project. If this work is satisfactory, we will come to an agreement on the way the final product is to be delivered and what is to be included.

The digital images or presentations are available in a number of different formats: Data CD's, DVD's, Data DVD's, and Web Albums. We can also produce your presentation in a number of digital file types, including AVI, MPG, MP4, MOV, WMV, RAM, and a host of others. If you want a Microsoft PowerPoint or a Google Presentation, we can do that too. Prints are made using a HP D7160 inkjet printer, using the Vivera 6-color process and genuine HP Premium Plus photo paper.

To begin, just give us a call and we'll discuss your project and arrange a test run on some of your materials. Simple as that.

Ask for Jon at 1.541.604.6233