Well, perhaps it is time for some new pictures ... so here's a sampling of flower pictures taken mostly in Central Oregon. A random image will be presented each time you open or refresh the page. Enjoy.

Many of these flowers only grow indoors here, and some are even tropical varieties ... coaxed to bloom in this strange environment.

If you are interested in identifying a flower you find here or elsewhere, click on the Research button above, and select the Flower Reference guide provided by Berkeley. Excellent.

For a completely different kind of beauty you will find a striking "image of the day" from NASA. Click here to learn more about this image, or view past images from this site.

APOD Image

And what about the new heading "AI Options?" Well, this is an area that everyone should become familiar with as artificial intelligence seems to be entering our lives from every direction. For example, I asked Bing's new AI Image Creator, "DALL-E," to produce some art showing a "Tesla, parked in the desert at sunset, with a cheetah curled up near one of the Tesla's front tires." Click here to see an image. Amazing.